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Penis Implant Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Penis ImplantPenis implant surgery using the inflatable penile prosthesis is the most popular penis enhancement procedure for erectile dysfunction. Through the years Dr. Gheiler as the founder of Urology Specialists has been involved with clinical research trials and advanced his surgical skills and refined his talent to get newer and more subtle implants for his clients. Currently Dr. Gheiler is implanting the inflatable penile prosthesis with one touch release (OTR). This penile implant consists of two Bioflex cylinders, to maximize girth, they expand to 22+ mm to create a rigid natural looking erection. It has a pump bulb hidden in the scrotum which allows you to inflate the cylinders, crating the erection, and a fluid reservoir is in the abdomen that holds the fluid when it is not erect. There is also a one touch release pad to deflate the cylinders.

Penis implant use has been found to be much more natural with the inflatable penis implant because during the periods when it is not inflated (which is the majority of the time) the look and feel of the penis is quite natural. No one would know that you have an implant unless you tell them. If you were having orgasms prior to the insertion of the penis implant then you should be able to have an orgasm with the implant. The cylinders have been continuously inflated and deflated in research  over a 35 month period and have shown no wear on the cylinder walls. The Bioflex polymer that the two cylinders are made of has 5 times the strength of silicon (which is what other penile implants are made of).

Penile implant procedures are covered under insurance plans so call or email us to find out if your plan has coverage. Our staff will help you find the best medical and financial solutions to get you back to sexual health.  You can look at our contact us patient info to see the listing of insurance that we accept. You can call us or fill out our request an appointment and also request information for our international guests that visit us in Miami.


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Penis Implant
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