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Penis Implant Malleable Penile Prosthesis

Penis ImplantPenis implant surgery for malleable penile prosthesis is also offered for men with erectile dysfunction. The malleable penis implant is a flexible firm rod implant that can be bent into position for use and then bent back when not in use. It can also be placed into specific angles for different sexual positions. They can also be repositioned when sitting or standing. The advantage that the firm flexible rod penis implant has is that it is a less complex urologic surgery procedure then the inflatable penile prosthesis. Another is that if you are paying out of pocket it costs less than the one touch release inflatable penis implant. It is easier to manipulate then the inflatable penile implant.  You will be able to have orgasms if you were having orgasms prior to the flexible rod penis implant surgery. The two firm flexible rods are slipped into the penis through one tiny slit that Dr. Gheiler makes.

Penis implant surgery requires a recovery period for a month or six weeks before engaging in sexual activity. The Urology Specialists Staff will see to it that you will know how to use the new penile implant. The flexible rod penis implant is especially selected by those with dexterity issues since there is no pumping up or deflating needed. Often the decision to get a penile prosthesis is made with the sexual partner and so is the decision to get either a firm flexible rod penis implant or an inflatable penile prosthesis or an inflatable penile prosthesis with one touch release.

If you has reservations, questions, or are simply shy about talking to someone about getting a penile implant, then just send in your questions to our Ask the Doctor. Dr. Gheiler will either answer you directly in your email, your phone, or we will post the question with his answer on our blog. Of course you can just request an appointment online with the day and time that is good for you so that Dr. Gheiler can quickly give you a medical assessment and give you all of your options and then answer your questions personally.


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